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No matter where you want to go, your Lance Truck Camper will take you there. Imagine total freedom. In a camper that meets your needs – fitting you like your favorite pair of jeans.

A truck camper is like no other RV. Unlike a motorhome, you build out your truck your way - whether a rugged 2 wheel drive or over the top 4 wheel drive set-up. Then you can choose the truck camper that matches your needs for livability. And unlike a motorhome, when you get to your destination, you can unload your camper and have your truck available to sight-see or do some great 4-wheeling!

So get on the road. Get off the road. Haul your toys. Launch your boat. Even bring along your horses. Then set up camp and go further than you ever have before. That's why, since 1965, Lance Campers have been America’s Favorite Campers, and Earth’s Most Versatile RVs.

Get Away. Make Anyplace Your Home.

4 Seasons Rvs All Weather Package 4 Seasons All Weather Package
Do you really want to truly get away from it all? Well you can with the Lance 4 Seasons Certified option. You’ll stay cooler in the heat, and remain toasty and safe down to below freezing temperatures. When your Lance Camper is equipped with the 4 Seasons All Weather Package, you’ll be “extreme weather ready”. So while other campers have their RVs in storage – you’ll be enjoying the wilderness all year round.

The 4 Seasons All Weather Package includes a dual-stage furnace, an advance ducting system to protect all systems, dual pane windows, a winterizing system and more. Read all about it by clicking on the 4 Seasons banner to the right.

Lance Camper Built to Last Built to Last
When considering the purchase of a camper, you want to look beneath the surface. Of course you'll discover stunning designer interiors that are both luxurious, yet practical and liveable.

But it's the things you don't see like stainless fasteners that don't rust, Azdel eliminates wood from the walls along with rot and mold and construction of interiors with Lite-ply - the same wood used in corporate jets for a good look and light weight. Click on the Design + Construction link to the right for all the details.

Set Your Rig Up Right Set Your Rig Up Right
When you purchase a truck camper - you want to make sure you've matched your camper to your truck correctly, and outfitted it with the correct support equipment. There are many factors to consider - the model of your truck, it's options, bed size and more. Knowing this general information can guide you toward a camper that is right for your set-up.

But there's more. Your Lance dealer is trained to assure a good, safe match. You'll need tie-downs, air bags help in load balancing, and possibly a tow-bar extension. Of course every situation is different - so make sure to check with an expert. For complete information and disclaimer click on the Support Equipment link to the right.

Truck Camper Compatibility Guide It's All About Compatibility
Tundra. Titan. Ford. Chevy. Dodge. GMC. Short bed. Long Bed. Dually. Extended cab. Crew cab. Confused yet? Well it's okay if you are. Matching the right camper to your truck takes in a lot of factors. Not only the ones mentioned above - but options like winches and different tire and wheel packages.

Lance dealers are trained in helping you match the right camper to your truck. They can look at your truck and help you determine the vehicles true capacities. They'll also ask about how you plan on using your rig and what sort of towing you are considering. To find out more, click on the Truck + Camper Compatibility Guide to the right.

* Match your truck and camper correctly. CLICK HERE to review the truck camper compatibility guide for advice. CLICK HERE to read the disclaimers in the truck camper section of the Warranty page.

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