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Lance's Ultralight travel trailers

Why do people go RVing? Because of community. A place of family values. Where you can meet folks around a campfire and chat like you've known each other for a lifetime. Where children play and their laughter is reminiscent of times gone by.

The all-new 2014 Ultralight Travel Trailers from Lance are designed with those family values in mind – by RVers who build and use RVs. And now towing is easier than ever before. Lance's Ultralight travel trailers were designed to hitch up to daily drivers, just like yours*, with as little as a 3500lb GVWR tow capacity. Who would have thought your existing family vehicle* could be half of a world of memories just waiting to be discovered!

Go back to a time in your life when you first looked up and discovered the stars. You might have been in the country. Or camping with your parents. Today, you’re sharing the dream with your family, and building memories that will last for generations to come. That’s what’s so special about camping - the outdoors and the RV Community. And that’s why Lance is committed to building the best travel trailers possible.

Fulfilling Dreams. One Destination at a Time.

Lance 4 Seasons Travel Trailers 4 Seasons All Weather Package
Do you really want to truly get away from it all? Well you can with the Lance 4 Seasons Certified option. You’ll stay cooler in the heat, and remain toasty and safe down to below freezing temperatures. When your Lance travel trailer is equipped with the 4 Seasons All Weather Package, you’ll be “extreme weather ready”. So while other campers have their RVs in storage – you’ll be enjoying the wilderness all year round.

The 4 Seasons All Weather Package for travel trailers includes an advance ducting system to protect all systems including enclosed and insulated holding tanks, dual pane windows, a winterizing system and more. Read all about it by clicking on the 4 Seasons banner to the right.

Travel Trailer Construction Built to Last
When considering the purchase of a travel trailer, you want to look beneath the surface. Of course you'll discover stunning designer interiors that are both luxurious, yet practical and liveable.

But it's the things you don't see like stainless fasteners that don't rust, Azdel eliminates wood from the walls along with rot and mold and construction of interiors with Lite-ply - the same wood used in corporate jets for a good look and light weight. Click on the Design + Construction link to the right for all the details.

* Match your travel trailer and tow vehicle correctly. See your dealer for assistance. CLICK HERE to read the disclaimers in the travel trailer section of the Warranty page.

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